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Truck Driving On Highway

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are men allowed to attend?

    • Yes! We have created a safe space for all gender.

  • What if I have a background?

    • We are a background-friendly institution. However, we do not accept sexual misconduct charges.

  • Once I have completed the training do I have to work for On Track Truck Driving School?

    • We are a noncontractual school. You are free to work for any employer of your choice.

  • How often does a new class start?

    • For the 2023 schedule and enrollment information, please call 817-422-9398.

  • How do I register for the class? Please call 817-422-9398, to arrange an appointment with an enrollment counselor.

  • Do you offer weekend courses?

    • Yes, we offer weekday & weekend programs.

  • Do you offer online courses? 

    • Yes, you can study online for your CDL permit, behind the wheel is onsite training. 

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